Baby Crib Bumper House B&W

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Soft double-sided baby cot bumper from designer collection Black&White.

Generates comfort and peace and protects from drafts. It won’t let baby’s toys, pacifiers or feeding bottles slip out of the bed.

  • Special range of colors, simple black-and-white patterns, contrasting shadows contribute to development of eyesight from the first days of life.
  • Fabrics with various textures favor the development of tactile sensitivity (from 3 months).
  • When the child starts supporting itself in the standing position and crawling (from 6 months) the bumper will prevent accidental falls.

The bumper is made from organic fabrics and has hypoallergenic filling which does not accumulate dust and withstands frequent machine washes without losing its shape.

The bumper is attached with straps.


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