Teething necklace Owl B&W

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Nursing necklace «Owl» from «Black & White» series is a real catch for mothers.

Mother’s jewelry for curious babies. Now your kid sitting in the shoulder-cloth or on mother’s hands can play with the nursing necklace instead of mother’s hair. It is very convenient during a walk, travel, shopping and even during nursing.

Nursing necklace is made completely from natural fabrics and it will be good during teeth cutting, because it has a wooden teether and beads from organic beech!

Moreover, the beads, small knots and loops will help to develop fine motor skills, because the child will finger over them and examine them curiously!

Little friend-Owl will touch all children’s feelings, because it has such big and beautiful eyes. In addition to it, it rings loudly which induces smiles and develops hearing.

The nursing necklace can be easily fastened to a baby cot, a  stroller, a car seat due to strings.

The toy is made completely from organic saliva sucking materials and withstands gentle washing.


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